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Spécial Edition – Chhlong


Travel Roll : Les carnets de voyage dessiné à l’aquarelle sous forme de rouleau
Rouleau de voyage sur Chhlong, un petit village colonial au sud de Kratie
Édition Mars 2018 – 100% fabriqué au Cambodge
Taille : 152 x 17 cm, 250gr.
Emballage : enroulé dans une boite de feuilles de palmier tressées
Tirage sur toile (horizontale)


Travel Roll : Rolled up travel diary in watercolor
Travelogue about Chhlong, a small colonial village south of Kratie
Edition March 2018 – 100% made in Cambodia
Size : 152 x 17 cm, 250gr.
Packaging : rolled in a palm leaf box
Canvas print (horizontal)

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Travel rolls are rolled up travelogues with daily life drawings from Cambodia. Unrolled and framed to exhibit their beauty, or kept rolled up to preserve the memory, they are a beautiful piece of watercolor artwork illustrating Khmer culture. Special Edition about Chhlong, a small village south of Kratie.

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