East part of Cambodia – Vol. 2


Watercolour travel diary in the form of a roll

East part of Cambodia, from Kratie to Ban Lung via Sen Monorom

Edited in February 2018, this is the 2nd volume / volume of the travel diary created in the form of a roll concerning Cambodia. This travel roll is basically focused on the Eastern part of Cambodia, from Kratie to Ban Lung and Sen Monorom. It was drawn during a 2-month motorcycle road trip between January 2017 and March 2017. The East of Cambodia is special by these atmospheres, there is a very “authentic” side. The travel roll illustrates a location map of the motorcycle route, but also the location map of Koh Trong Island near Kratie. There is also a drawing of the Wat Roka Kandal wooden pagoda, the Entada Rheedii vine trees, the Phnong of Putang village in Mondulkiri, the zircon mines of Borkéo district near Banlung in Ratanakiri, an animist cemetery near Voen Sai. Many illustrations from Eastern Cambodia have not been published and will be published in the final draft edition

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  • 100% made in Cambodia. Printing on canvas, horizontal size (152 x 17 cm, 150gr.) and rolled in a palm leaf box
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