Chhlong – Special Ed.


Watercolour travel diary in the form of a roll

Chhlong, a small village near Kratié in Cambodia

Edited in march 2018, this travel diary roll form represents the historic street in the centre of Chhlong, a small village located 20 kilometres south of Kratie, along the banks of the Mekong River. Scattered with colonial buildings in ruins where Cambodians use the ground floor as a place to live or trade. This travel diary roll is also the perfect illustration of a street of the same type as the cities of Kampot or Battambang, with its historic buildings, the local market, outdoor living areas, etc… This is the atmosphere in many villages in Cambodia. This scroll was created in partnership with Le Relais de Chhlong located very close to the centre, off the drawing roll, but in the extension of the street following the Mekong. It is a colonial building completely restored as a tourist and welcome center for visitors to this small paradise, which is still very little known.

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  • 100% made in Cambodia. Printing on canvas, horizontal size (152 x 17 cm, 150gr.) and rolled in a palm leaf box
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