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Site de Sambor Prei Kuk au Cambodge

About travel roll

About TR – Definition


Travel rolls are rolled up travelogues (travel diary) with daily life drawings from Cambodia. Unrolled and framed to exhibit their beauty, or kept rolled up to preserve the memory, they are a beautiful piece of artwork illustrating Khmer culture. All rolls are 100% made in Cambodia. They make excellent gifts or souvenirs and capture the beauty of the country. Travel rolls are 15 cm x 150 cm.

Travel Roll publications

About TR – Technique

Portrait Raphaël Seyfried


Technically, I work in pencil and watercolor on a roll of 300 gr paper. I aim to complete most of the work on site, conditions permitting. I scan all travel diary rolls to select only few drawings for further editing. I then utilise computer programs before reproducing on canvas or paper. The working technique is similar to comic book work.

About Travel Roll – Project – 2021

Portrait Raphaël Seyfried


My final project is to compile all my travelogues (travel diary) in a giant travel roll (including all edited and unedited works), like a kind of a scroll, a torah or just like the book “On the road”, original roll from Jack Kerouac. Using my ethnographic approach to documenting, it brings a fresh view to Khmer culture and life in Cambodia, a kind of research laboratory for an in-depth journey. I will also insert anecdotes and diary quotations alongside my drawings to give a full impression about what was happening at the time of creation. With the travel diary roll, I want the viewer to feel like they were in Cambodia with me witnessing the same scene. The idea is to translate it in 3 languages (English, French and Khmer) so it would be available at a larger scale and given to children in Khmer schools throughout Cambodia.

About TR – Publications


1. Jan.16 : Lim. Ed. 1 - Cambodia history - 500 copy SOLD OUT
2. Mar.16 : Lim. Ed. 2 - The Cambodia countryside - 250 copy SOLD OUT
3. May.16 : Lim. Ed. 3 - Koh Rong island - 250 copy SOLD OUT
4. Oct.16 : Lim. Ed. - Cambodia canvas map - 1000 copy SOLD OUT
5. Nov.16 : Cambodia paper map SOLD OUT
6. Dec.16 : Vol. 1 - Angkor archeological park SOLD OUT
7. Feb.18 : Vol. 2 - East Part of Cambodia SOLD OUT
8. Mar.18 : Spécial Ed. - Chhlong SOLD OUT
9. Nov.18 : Limited Ed. IFC - Culture In Cambodia - 800 copy SOLD OUT
10. Nov.19 : Spécial Ed. - 7 views from above SOLD OUT
11. Oct.20 : Reamker, Khmer ramayana SOLD OUT
12. Dec.20 : Khmer Empire
13. Jun.21 : Vegetal Curiosity SOLD OUT
14. Nov.21 : Jungle
15. Sept.22 : Ramayana new edition
16. Sept.22 : Dancers 99 copy - SOLD OUT
17. Sept.23 : Wild Garden

Travel Roll publications

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