Jungle and temples


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  • Two original research sketches signed on tracing paper will be randomly placed in 2 different Limited Edition cases.

Printed on High Definition canvas in France, they are all signed and hand-stamped. 152 x 23 cm, including 1 cm margin. (How to frame a travel scroll click here)

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Jungle and temple ruins

Several weeks spent in the Cambodian jungle and a few places visited that are less accessible than the temples of Angkor Thom (៩ អង្គរធំ). Ended up feeding the adventure that my inner child wanted to live. It was at a very young age, in the multi-volume encyclopedia “All the Universe”. That I discovered the existence of these distant and strange ruins. These trees that eat the stone, these faces with a serene and soothing look in the depths of an endless luxuriant jungle fascinated me. History resounded in me like an Indiana Jones-like expedition mixed with the old Jumanji… On the spot, the expedition finally looks less trapped and calmer than my teenage references… Despite an incalculable number of mechanical adventures, it is the imagination that will do the rest.


I spent hours recreating this atmosphere that we cross from one side to the other. From the roots of PreiKuk (១ ប្រាសាទសំបូរព្រៃគុក) to the sacred river of KbalSpean (២ ក្បាលស្ពាន), passing through perched and floating villages like KampongPhluk (៤ កំពង់ភ្លុក). Getting lost on the way to Khan (៣ ព្រះខ័ននៅកំពង់ស្វាយ) and the small ruins of Kpul (៥ ប្រាសាទព្រះខ្ពុរ). From KohKer (៦ ប្រាសាទកោះកេរ្ដិ៍) to Kravan (៧ ប្រាសាទក្រវាន់) via Ta Prohm (៨ ប្រាសាទតាព្រហ្ម), bats, snake slithers and other wildlife that we see too little, but hear so often, remind me that I am never alone, and that if no one is watching you, there are always the totems to watch you… The rest is in your head.



It was when I was leaving for the jungle after several days of riding that I realized that my small roll of paper was not high enough. Instead of turning back, I simply cut a part of the length of my roll at disposal, and I laid it on top, it is not at all practical obviously, but it avoided me to have to return on Phnom Penh simply. Beyond the 2 months of sketches, drawings and colorization, it took me 7 days of post-computer work for dozens of scans of high definition images. But the longest was to manually remove on Photoshop, pixel by pixel, the central caesura of this “involuntary double roll”! … Since then… I draw on bigger rolls 🙂

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