Angkor archaeological park – Vol. 1


Canvas print. 152 x 17 cm, including 1 cm margin. Natural case from Cambodia.

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Angkor temple and archaeological park in Cambodia

Ancient architectures fascinate us because they tell forgotten stories, no wonder to be surprised to listen to the old stones whispering for hours. The earliest known description of the temples of Angkor comes from Tcheou Ta-Kouan, a Chinese emissary who visited Cambodia in August 1296. His testimony of that time is still a reference today. It was only in the 19th century that we gradually rediscovered this lost world buried under the jungle. Today Angkor Wat remains the largest religious complex in the world. Recent LIDAR research shows that there are still many structures hidden under the vegetation…enough to keep dreaming of adventures. Edited in December 2016, this is the first volume / tome of the travel diaries created in the form of a roll concerning Cambodia. This travel diary roll is basically focused on the Angkor temples and its archaeological park. You can see the location map of the annotated temples of the different places and ruins to visit. A view of Angkor Wat, a few motorcycles, a Cambodian grandmother, the oriental baray near Preah Khan, an apsara at Ta Prohm temple, the almsgiving ceremony of Buddhist monks and an elephant, a very important animal in Khmer culture. This watercolour travel notebook presents a typical Cambodian snapshot in the form of a roll. It is an atypical and original souvenir and gift of the country.