Culture in Cambodia – Limited Ed. IFC


  • Limited Edition numbered by 800 copy, signed & stamped by the artist
  • 100% made in Cambodia. Printing on canvas, horizontal size (152 x 17 cm, 150gr.) and rolled in a palm leaf box.
  • Shipping : ONLY available at the French Institute of Cambodia

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Representation of culture through the French Institute in Phnom Penh

Edited in december 2018 at the request of the French Institute of Cambodia in Phnom Penh, this travel diary roll form was created exclusively for the IFC. Numbered at 800 copies, it is ONLY available at the French Institute of Cambodia based in Phnom Penh. This travel roll represents Culture and its sharing with languages, knowledge, education, the arts in all these fields and its people. This travel roll is a unique series of individuals who mix and mingle to bring this cultural richness that the French Institute of Cambodia offers. We can see students in languages, exhibitions and artistic performances, digital arts, music or culinary… up to the media library and these books. In this travel illustration, there are tiny secrets and hidden messages related to culture and its sharing. “Living cultures means understanding the importance of dialogue between different human expressions. It is through the sharing of one’s own representations of the world and in respect of its differences that one educates oneself and becomes part of the future. The French Institute of Cambodia is one of those places of exchange, debate and cross-fertilization where cultures meet and are enriched by the contribution and understanding of the other.”

Small trade secrets on the IFC roll here