Koh Rong island – SOLD OUT


  • Limited Edition numbered by 250 copy, signed and stamped by the artist
  • 100% made in Cambodia. Printing on canvas, vertical size (152 x 17 cm, 150gr.) and rolled in a palm leaf box
  • Shipping : Send from Cambodia or from France (according to the stocks available on site), 1 month minimum

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Koh Rong island in Cambodia

Edited in mai 2016, find here the limited edition 3 of the travel diary in Cambodia in the form of a roll concerning Koh Rong Island in Cambodia. This travel roll was first ordered privately. Indeed, some of the organizers of the French television show “Koh Lanta” on Koh Rong wanted to offer their close collaborators a souvenir of the shooting. That is why a roll illustrating the island was published in 125 copies to be distributed to them. The public edition at when 250 copies were published and is now out of stock. This travel diary roll illustrates the Koh Rong archipelago off Sihanoukville. A situation map with these Khmer fishing atmospheres, pagoda and seaside are drawn there.