Reamker, khmer Ramayana


Canvas print, signed and stamped. 152 x 23 cm, including 1 cm margin. Natural case from Cambodia

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Ramayana in drawing in Southeast Asia

To begin with, 3 types of classical theater are represented in Cambodia. First, the Royal Ballet with Apsara dance. Second, the Sbek Thom with the shadow theater. And thirdly, the Lakhon Khol with the masked dance. Indeed, it is in the latter that the characters of the Ramayana are represented. The Lakhon Khol uses papier-mâché masks and finely decorated costumes to play the many episodes of the adventures of the gods, monkeys and demons of the Ramayana. Rama, Ravana, Sita and Hanuman are only the main characters in this epic adventure that is the Ramayana. So, it’s been more than a year since I started working on this Ramayana travel roll. It takes time… a lot of time to understand a little bit how it works. I realize how it’s complex to put together the genealogy of Game of Thrones with the costumes of the Knights of the Zodiac and the super-powers of the Marvel heroes. All while creating a completely coherent universe ! Travel roll on the Reamker, also called Ramakien is a travel diary with some of most important characters about this epic poetry. It’s an important part of culture in numbers of country from south east Asia. From India, Cambodia, Laos, Birmanie, Thaïland, Malaisia, some part of Indonésia, Philippines, Yunnan province in China, Tibet, Népal, Sri Lanka… All of this countries have Ramayana story deep inside them own life.

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