Vegetal curiosity


Canvas print in High Definition in France, signed and stamped by hand. 152 x 23 cm, including 1 cm margin. (How to frame a Travel Roll click here)

The classical version is in a carton paper & the limited version is the first 20 orders which are numbered and presented in a glass tube.


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From botanical art to vegetal curiosities

What I’ve loved since childhood is the atmosphere. It is not for nothing that I studied at the Haute École du Paysage, d’Ingénierie et d’Architecture de Genève, where you learn how to read the territory, the rhetoric of projects and the construction of urban areas intended to create living spaces. But what I liked most was the creation of new spaces and concepts. The kind of projects where you try to create emotions. In fact, it is in the emotions that landscape architecture takes on its full meaning, and vegetal plants are a very important element in shaping these living atmosphere.

The first scroll published outside my home country

The first scroll published outside my home country : Cambodia! (That’s it, I think I’m changing! ^^). Influenced by the museum of museum of Toulouse or the halle aux machines! This travel scroll on plant curiosities is inspired by my botanical peregrinations. Between nurseries and horticultures, botanical books and personal collection, this illustration offers a journey of floral and vegetal contemplation. The drawn scroll unfolds like a herbarium in the form of a parchment. Several dozen hours of work (about 160 for the design alone) were needed for the 2.2 metres long and 30 centimetres high original scroll. A mixture of drawing techniques and computer post-production work enabled me to be the “coloured gardener” I dreamed of as a child.

This illustration in the form of a plant fresco allows you to travel in a garden without maintenance and without plastic plants! A few little secrets are hidden for those who know how to find them. Have a good “gardening trip”!