Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri – East part of Cambodia – Vol. 2


Canvas print. 152 x 17 cm, including 1 cm margin. Natural case from Cambodia

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Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri, montains from east of Cambodia

East of Cambodia is composed of 2 mountain regions. The Ratanakiri in the northeast and the Mondulkiri in the southeast. It is a region several hours drive from Phnom Penh the capital. Rich of an ethnic culture, many inhabitants of these highlands have not had any influence of the Indian culture. The Khmer Loeu, the “Khmers from above” are divided into several groups, the Jarai, the Phnong, the Kouys… More authentic, more dusty, the East of the country is another Cambodia within Cambodia. This 2nd volume of the travel diary start at Kratie. Drawn during a 2-month motorcycle road trip this travel roll illustrate a location map of the motorcycle route, but also the location map of Koh Trong Island. There is also a drawing of the Wat Roka Kandal wooden pagoda, the Entada Rheedii vine trees, the Khmer Loeu of Putang village in Mondulkiri, the zircon mines of Borkéo district near Banlung in Ratanakiri, an animist cemetery near Voen Sai.